Tuesday, July 25, 2017

FT8 vs JT9 activity on 40m

I was monitoring the JT9, JT65A and FT8 activity on 40 meter. Though JT9 is more sensitive than FT8, the last one has become popular in a short time. I didn’t hear any JT9 activity. I think most JT9 users are now using FT8. JT65A is still very popular.

Friday, July 14, 2017

FT8 on 40 meter

I woke up very early today. That was a good chance to check out 40 meter. To see how FT8 will perform. There is a lot of activity with FT8. There is a lot more activity than with JT9. There is a good chance that this mode good be very populair soon. I did work W4UEF, K2QQ, NĂ˜IAI, VA3MJR SV5KKU and KZ8Y. QRZ.com logbook doesn't have the possibility yet to log FT8 qso's. I logged as JT9 but in the comment I mention that it was a FT8 qso.

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